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What is Psychotherapy? 

One of the most common questions I come across in my practice is the one asking 'what exactly is psychotherapy?'.  The field of psychotherapy acts as an umbrella for many treatment modalities such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, and many others. The College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario define it the following way:  "the practice of psychotherapy is the assessment and treatment of cognitive, emotional, or behavioral disturbances by psychotherapeutic means, delivered through a therapeutic relationship based primarily on verbal or non-verbal communication".

  I believe wholeheartedly, based on evidence, clinical experience and personal experience, in the effectiveness and capacity to positively  change peoples' lives and functioning  through the delivery of psychotherapy.

Who Do I Treat?

I work with a wide age span client  base.  The age groups I mainly focus on are tweens (ages 10-12), teens (ages 13-19), emerging and young adults (ages 20-25) and prime adult ages (26-39) through to mid - life to  later adulthood (ages 40-65).  Each life span stage brings with it, its own special challenge and potential crises often needing support and clarification. 

My predominant focus is on difficult to treat conditions as personality disorders. 

Why Psychotherapy and Why Psychodynamic Psychotherapy?

According to various research and specifically to an article published by Harvard Health Publishing/Harvard Medical School research suggests through meta-analysis  that the benefits of psychodynamic therapy endure and even increase with time after the cessation of therapy. In addition this article states that, "there is enough research to support the claim that psychodynamic therapy is an evidence-based treatment with effect sizes similar to or superior to those reported for other psychotherapies" (Merits of Psychodynamic Therapy, Harvard Medical School, 2010).

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